About Us

Olga and Alex immigrated to Tucson from Kiev, Ukraine in 1989, with their three children. Having dreams of starting a better life and creating more opportunities for their family, The family knew they made the right decision to move to Tucson.

Realizing that the Russian and Eastern European community was not being catered to, they decided to open their own store. Having always believed in the business motto that bigger is not always better, the family focuses more on friendly service and customer relations. Keeping that strong business ethic in mind, they opened European Market and Deli in 1999.

A family owned delicatessen that specializes in Russian and Eastern European cuisine. We offer a wide variety specialty foods and imported gifts for any occasion. We serve a fantastic lunch and dinner menu that you can enjoy with a glass of imported or domestic cold beer or wine. Our gyros are the best in town! We customize our catering to fit any social function. Our family would like to welcome you to our store, and thanks for visiting our site! Nazdarovya!